Marion Civic Chorale
Marion Civic Chorale
Marion Civic Chorale
The Marion Civic Chorale fosters public appreciation of fine choral music and encourages the advancement of musically gifted students through an annual scholarship, paid internships, and participation in the Chorale.

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Please see our Concert Dates for information about our upcoming concerts
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Spring Concerts Canceled

We regret to announce that our Spring concerts have been canceled in response to the social distancing recommendation from the CDC. Many of our audience members and singers are already sheltering in place until this pandemic has run its course. We would rather be prudent than sick.
Rehearsals will resume in August, and new singers are invited, encouraged, and otherwise cajoled into joining us. Our next concerts will begin in November for Veterans Day. Some of those dates have been already set, and we'll be working over the summer to add more. Please see the Concert Dates for those dates, and check back for up to date info as the time gets closer. There's a link to the Concert Dates in the welcome area above..
 We sincerely thank our audiences and patrons for their continued support over the years. We look forward to seeing you all in our post-pandemic season.

Mark Lehnowsky
Grat L. Rosazza
Gary LaCroix