Marion Civic Chorale
Marion Civic Chorale

Info for New Members

  • Rehearsals are held every Monday evening from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. at St. George Anglican Cathedral, 5646 SE 28th Street, Ocala, beginning in August and ending with the Spring concerts. The rehearsal schedule is subject to change. Specific dates will be announced.
Attendance Policy
  • Membership in the Marion Civic Chorale is a commitment. Regular attendance is required.
  • The Director evaluates each voice and assigns seating to achieve balance, and the desired choral effect. When members are absent, the choral effect is altered.
  • During the term, the Director makes dozens of music interpretations and emphases that affect the tone colors and the overall concert presentation of the music.
  • If a member is absent too frequently, for whatever reason, he/she is not prepared to sing the music in concert.
  • The Director will review the record of absences, and if a member has missed rehearsals too frequently, especially at critical times of preparation, the Director will ask that the member not perform with the Chorale in concert.
  • The Director may consider extenuating or personal circumstances in the application of this policy.
  • The Board of Directors has requested that the Director be attentive to this requirement.
  • Auditions will place new members in soprano, alto, tenor or bass sections. No prepared piece is required. Members are re-auditioned every two years.
Membership Dues/Music Fees
  • Singing members pay membership dues of $60 annually and a one-time music fee of $30. These fees may be spread out over monthly payments upon request. When you come to your first rehearsal, please ask about monthly payments before you join online.
Concert Attire
  • Singers must purchase their own performance attire. Men wear black tuxedos. Women should talk to their section leader or to the wardrobe mistress regarding current wardrobe requirements. 
Concert Dates
  • Concert Dates are published on the Concert Dates page of our website. Please verify that you can commit to these dates and to the rehearsal schedule before joining.
Student Memberships
  • Student Membership is open by audition to any high school or community college student interested in singing with the Marion Civic Chorale. Student members do not pay dues. Concert attire is provided.
Associate Memberships
  • Associate Memberships are available to non-singing volunteers who wish to assist the Chorale with performance logistics, administrative tasks, marketing and publicity, fund raising, etc. There are no dues or music fees for non-singing members. Associate members are entitled to participate in all activities of the Marion Civic Chorale, but may not vote or hold office. Please contact us if you are interested.