Marion Civic Chorale
Marion Civic Chorale

The Grat L. Rosazza Scholarship

The Marion Civic Chorale was founded in 1986 by Grat L. Rosazza, who was its conductor until his retirement in 2008. An annual scholarship was established in his name in 1995. Applications are accepted in February or March followed by scheduled auditions.This scholarship honors an area high school senior or undergraduate college student who has musical talent and plans to continue his/her education in vocal music, music education, or musical theatre. The $1,000 scholarship is awarded during one of the spring concert performances, at which time the recipient performs for our concert audience. This winner is also entitled to lifelong membership in the Chorale. In addition, the student is recognized at the annual "Evening of Excellence" held by the Marion County Board of Education in the spring.
The scholarship, made payable to the recipient, will be awarded during one of the spring concert performances. The recipient will be asked to perform a selection for the concert audience at the time of the award. Applicants must provide accompaniment for the audition and the concert performance. The winner will receive lifetime membership in the chorale. The Marion County School Board will recognize the scholarship winner (if he or she attends a public school in Marion County) at the annual “Evening of Excellence” awards.
Deadline for application: March 11, 2023 
Eligibility Criteria
  1. The applicant must be a high school senior or college undergraduate from Marion County, Florida, or contiguous counties.
  2. The applicant must show proof of continuing education, either through transcript (college), by an acceptance letter, or by verification by a school counselor.
  3.  Grade point average of 2.7 or better
  4. The applicant must furnish proof of a GPA.​
  5. The applicant will perform a vocal music selection before judges from the Marion Civic Chorale
  6. The evaluation will critique appearance, stage presence, and musical ability.
  7. Applicant must furnish a résumé of personal highlights.
  8. The applicant must furnish 2 letters of recommendation.
  9. Recommendations may be from any source other than a relative.
  10. A letter from the applicant’s vocal or theater teacher is encouraged.
  11. The applicant must furnish a typed, one-page, double-spaced essay addressing the desire for the scholarship, its use, and the applicant’s educational plans. Other convincing topics are also welcomed.
  12. Please furnish a head shot (digital). The winner's photo will be posted on our website.
We have been having some problems with the Application Form (which is a Google Docs file).
Please email  for a form (pdf format) that you can   
(1) print & send to our post office box Marion Civic Chorale, P. O. Box 2674  Ocala, FL 34478-2674
 or (2) scan & email as a pdf to