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Instructions for New Members
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Thank you for your interest in joining the Marion Civic Chorale. There are three steps to join.
  1. Visit a rehearsal and arrange for a voice placement audition with the conductor.
  2. Fill out this registration form and print your sales order.
  3. Submit your sales order and your payment to the treasurer.
  4. OR follow the on-screen instructions to pay your dues via PayPal/Credit card..
To fill out this form, please select New Member, Student, or Associate from the drop-down arrow in the box below. Then fill out the form as completely as possible.
Please include:
  • The name you prefer to be called
  • The phonetic pronunciation of your name (if not obvious)
  • The way you wish your name to appear in the program
  • If you're a veteran of the US armed forces, please indicate your branch of service. If none, write "None.”
The biographical section of the form is optional. We ask for this information as a way of getting to know each other better, and as a talent survey. This information will be published in a spreadsheet, so please be brief. But you should include places where you've lived (you might find neighbors here), and skills or talents you have that you would be willing to use to benefit the work of the Chorale. 
The deadlines for registration are October 1 for the fall semester and February 1 for the spring semester.

We look forward to singing with you.
Membership Plan:
Select Membership Plan:
Membership Plans Offered:
Plan Name For Maximum Associated Members Annual Fee Description
New Member - Semi-Annual Person(s) 1 $60.00 For new members who wish to pay their dues semi-annually, and for those joining after January 1. The fee includes $30 dues for one semester, and a one-time music fee of $30.00. Do not select this plan if you're a student or otherwise exempt from dues.
Student Person(s) 1 $0.00 Student Membership is open by audition to any high school or college student interested in singing with the Marion Civic Chorale. Student members do not pay dues. Concert attire is provided.
Associate Member (Semi-Annual) Person(s) 1 $0.00 Associate Memberships are available to non-singing volunteers who wish to assist the Chorale with performance logistics, administrative tasks, marketing and publicity, fund raising, etc. There are no dues or music fees for non-singing members. Associate members are entitled to participate in all activities of the Marion Civic Chorale, but may not vote or hold office.